Why are Facebook ads terrific? Listen, Facebook has over 1.8 billion users as of the last count. That’s over 1.8 billion users.


That’s a lot of people that you can target for your ads.


You can literally reach every niche you can imagine. I’m tell you right now, there isn’t a niche out there that you can’t target.


It’s a global phenomenon. I can’t think of a niche. You cannot name a niche that you can’t reach. You want to learn how to skip rocks, you can reach a person, seriously, who lives by a lake, he’s young, and has some other traits you can combine  that you feel would be someone who likes to skip rocks across water.


People spend a lot of time on Facebook.  The aver age amount of time that they spend on Facebook every day is 17 minutes.


Literally, it makes me scratch my eyes.  I’m just so jealous of Facebook for having built a platform that 1.8 billion people spend an average of that much time; 17 minutes a day. 17 minutes a day on Facebook.


Alright, This part’s a little bit scary but  Facebook knows everything. That  May sound  a little bit

Creepy but as a marketer, it’s tremendously awesome and in our favor.


As a Facebook user, it’s going to make you think a little but people voluntarily provide all kinds of information about themselves on Facebook.


Facebook knows of your relationship status. They know your male or female. They know your age. They know your ethnicity. They know your religion. They know where you live.


They know the kinds of things you are interested in based on the things that you hit “like” on.

They know your job title.

They know the company you work at.

They know any non-profits you’re involved in.

They know who you’re friends with and the demographics of the people that you’re friends with.

They know the kinds of things that you react to.

They know if you’re republican, democrat.

They know the kinds of posts that you react to.

They know the events you’re targeting.

They know the stores you’re going to.

This is a gold mine of data for you. As an advertiser, you can get in there. You can target your ads more specifically than ever before. It makes it super easy to reach your ideal customer.

The viral potential is massive.

Think about the fact that people can like, and comment, and share your ad and that those get syndicated further to their friends and to their people when we know that the likelihood of some of their friends being interested in the same things as them is huge.

You can’t do this with any other ad platform. You can’t do it with Google. You can’t do it with Twitter. You can’t do it with LinkedIn. They don’t care about all that.

Facebook rewards their advertisers in a huge way with a ton of free exposure if you can make something that they believe their audience is enjoying, liking, and getting value from.


That is absolutely massive. It’s inexpensive to start. This is probably the one part where Facebook has most significantly impacted our marketing world today.

The  biggest problem with direct marketing

The this phenomenon is  The Death of Direct Marketing and the Birth of Interactive Marketing.


The  biggest problem with direct marketing was that if you wanted to do an effective direct

marketing campaign it would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to even get a start, to

even do a small test. I mean this when I say this, with Facebook you can actually start

with five dollars. That’s it.


How this opens up advertising to the world.


Imagine how this opens up advertising to the world. Everybody. You can I can do this.

You and I can go in and compete with GE, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google. We can

compete with any big company; GM, Pepsi, Coke, McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut.

You know the biggest brands that do TV ads, we can compete with them now and we

can start with as little as five dollars and Facebook is not going to give them anymore

favor than us. If we create a more engaging and a better ad that their users like more,

they will give us the cheaper ads. They will give us more syndication than the big brands.

Business of any size can now test and scale their ads. That’s amazing. It’s super easy to



The Facebook’s ad platform


Now look, when you first get into Facebook’s ad platform,  it is a little confusing. It truly is a little confusing. I’m not going to lie. Once you figure it out, once you learn it, once you see it, I’m telling you right now, you are going to be blown away at just how simple it can be.

As an SEO guy  I avoided it for so long, and I’ll tell you now, I regret being so scared of it. Now that I understand it, I don’t know how I made it so long without doing Facebook.


Don’t forget guys, we are doing three, four, five hundred thousand dollars a month in ad investment on Facebook and we’re growing it.


You don’t have to be a techy to use it. You don’t have to be anything. Seriously, it’s a

repetitive process. You’ll learn it. The only thing frustrating can be that they change the

platform a lot. It’s a little annoying. They keep changing buttons, and changing the UI,

but you know what, once you’re using it enough, it doesn’t matter. You figure things out

pretty quickly.


Facebook advertising absolutely revolutionizing the market.


Last, but not least, they are absolutely revolutionizing the market. Facebook now

has over two million active advertisers. An active advertiser is someone whose ran an ad

in the last 28 days.


We’re not talking about total advertisers since the day they began.

Active, that means someone ran an ad in the last 28 days allowing businesses to reach

exactly who they want to reach. That’s the brilliance of it.


You have geographical data, you have behavioral data, you have all kinds of demographical data, all merging into one platform, and I’m talking you can super, you can snipe, your targeted users.

This is why Facebook ads kicks butt..

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