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HI, I’m Garrett Cassells. I’m looking to partner with some Local Businesses to run their Online Marketing campaigns for free. Our team would love to work with you, prove our worth and earn your business. I will waive our fee, have a team of 3 to 5 very talented online marketers, do all the work at no cost to you (all you do is pay for advertising spend) to generate results. It’s just that simple. Is this something you’d be interested in?  If so, apply for a FREE consultation.

Curious about my Team's Approach to Online Marketing

Essential Marketing Strategies for Your eCommerce Business

SEO from the Pros

Do you want to increase your traffic and achieve higher rankings for the keywords that generate higher sales and revenue? This is a Complete SEO System for Ranking in Any Niche or Industry!

Website Structure Architecture

Optimizing a website for User Experience and Search Engine Performance is really an art form. Before a website is launched, several hours need to be dedicated to research and development. Each web page needs  to structured like a sales page – landing page. Certain steps must be followed for higher conversions and organic rankings. Our team implement  strategies used behind the most successful & highly visited websites.

Pay Per Click Advertising

AdWords is a billion dollar industry itself. You know what that means? There are plenty of growth opportunities for AdWords account managers who can deliver high-quality results. Without good training, Google will take you to the school of hard knocks. Our strategies and techniques  can help you achieve results. We implement the latest Tips & Tricks to help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns

Google Maps for Authority Building

With up to 60% of all searches for local services being done on a mobile device, EVERY local business NEEDS to N0T 0nly have their Google My Business (GMB) page optimized and ranked in Google Maps local search results, also known as the “3-Pack.” Google shows the 3-Pack ABOVE it’s organic search results, which means many searches NEVER even make it past the 3-Pack Especially on mobile!

Retargeting - Remarketing

AdWords Remarketing is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to drive leads and conversions from the Google Display Network (GDN).  Remarketing is defined as showing ads only to individuals who have interacted with your owned digital properties (such as your blog). By focusing in on this audience, you can make highly relevant offers that are sure to drive more business.

Facebook Advertising

. Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses is a must in this new digital age. We enable you to Take full advantage of Facebook and create customers on demand by targeting prospects based on interest and demographics. Drastically increase the conversions of your ads by creating advertising funnels using case studies and testimonials.

Copy-writing for Product Pages

Our team is skilled with Seductive Sales Copy that converts customers and attract back links to your website. Professional copy writing should accomplish both conversions and love (links) from bloggers. We know How To Write Ultra-Compelling Body Copy That Gets Read And Responded to as an art form! Using Professional Ad Copy for your Website, Ads and Landing Pages is mandatory inorder to compete in this Digital Age.

Reputation & Review Marketing

Reputation is not a typical marketing medium, it is a conversion factor. Reputation does not drive traffic, but it does impact if traffic will convert into paying customers or not. How someone measures your ability to help them is based on a common “X” factor; a companies reputation. It’s not just about review building, but effectively creating positive content that helps turn window shoppers into buyers.

Using Google Metrics

Our team have been extreamly in using Google Search Console  & Google Analytics  to Turn your website data into actionable, visual insights to help you increase ROI.

Proximity Marketing

We’ve mastered  The Powerful  Duo  of Beacon Technology and/or Geofence-Enabled Advertising to Attract More Shoppers, Clients and Customers in any location.

Native Advertising

Get discovered  on Premium Publisher Sites. It’s becoming more clear now that native advertising is the next big thing. Learn how you can benefit from Native Advertising. We also cover how to maximize platforms on Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, plus more…

Online Advertising

Conversion from Online Advertising done right will like the below:

  • 15%  Facebook Ads.
  • 17% Google AdWords.
  • 19%  Banner-Retargeting Ads.
  • 23%  Google Organic Search (SEO).
  • 26%  Email marketing

That’s why Online Advertising needs to be creative, robust, comprehensive and include several marketing channels. Click below for a private consultation.


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Curious about my Team's Approach to Online Marketing