Website Architecture and Optimization Course

The better your site structure, the better your chance of higher ranking in the search engines.

Learn Search Engine Optimization and Website Marketing Strategies from the Pro

Working with search friendly URLs
In this course, we go over step-by-,  the process of reviewing the content and markup of an existing web site to improve its ranking in search engine results. This course offers a consultant’s take on how to analyze each component—from keywords to content to code—and determine what improvements are necessary to become more visible to search engines like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google.
Advanced SEO: Developing an SEO-Friendly Website
Advanced SEO goes beyond keyword research and tagging. It goes to the very heart of your website: its architecture, code, and data. Learn advanced SEO techniques to build an SEO-friendly website from the ground up. Marketing expert Garrett Cassells explains how to optimize your architecture to improve site indexing and crawling, understand the impact of canonical URLs and smart URL management strategies, build keywords into images and alt text, and use structured data to help search engines like Google understand your pages better. He introduces tools and resources to help you audit and improve the technical aspects of your site, such as the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, PageSpeed Insights, the Ryte TF*IDF analyzer, and Chrome Developer Tools extensions like Lighthouse. Plus, discover how to optimize site speed and rendering, and explore how the future of the web—technologies like HTTP/2 and progressive web apps—will impact SEO.
Website structure best practices
Website Navigation: 7 Best Practices, Design Tips and Warnings. Be descriptive. “What we do” doesn’t actually say what you do. Avoid format-based navigation. Avoid drop down menus. Limit the number of menu items to seven.
Website structure types
Here are 5 fail-safe rules for structuring your website’s pages and menus. … The best time to structure your website is before you even start designing it.
Creating website category pages
How important are the category pages on your site? What role does category pages play in attracting traffic online.
Hierarchical website structure examples
The next step in planning your website is to plan the structure. … For example, Learn why websites utilizes both a hierarchical structure and a random internal linking structure like Wikipedia.
How to conduct Proper Website structure analysis
Make your user’s journey simple. Give them the best possible website experience.
Linear website structure
linear website is one that is organized with a logical beginning, middle, and end, much as a printed book would be. Most websites are not designed to be linear, but it is a useful presentation for long-form content, such as manuals and online texts.
How to link website pages
Learn how to spread power throughout the entire website for best results.


Website navigation best practices
Use these website navigation best practices to ensure your website provides an efficient way for users and search engines to find your content.
Drop down menu best practices
Select, or drop-down, menus can be great when used correctly but can also create an annoying experience for the user. It’s important to learn best practices.


Marketing Managers

Responsible for producing or executing a marketing plan.  Looking to update their skills in developing an online marketing strategy.

Business Owners

Looking to incorporate online and  digital marketing to attract more prospects or improve their ability to converse with marketing team members.

College Students

Considering a career in Online Marketing. This program will give you the tools to begin a career path in the evolving, integrated world of marketing and media – whether you want to become a part of a marketing team or start your own venture.


Entrepreneurs who are new to online marketing strategies and would like to know techniques you can use to improve your website’s ranking on the results pages of search engines such as Google.


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